Call of Duty: Warzone update just changed a bunch of the game’s Perks, including Ghost

Ghost campers, beware.

Image via Activision

A number of popular Perks in Warzone just received some big changes in a new update for the Call of Duty battle royale, devs Raven Software revealed today.

Scavenger, Restock, E.O.D., Quick Fix, and (likely to be the most popular among many players) Ghost have all been changed in a variety of ways in an amendment to the Season Two Reloaded patch notes, released in-game immediately.

The biggest change, for Ghost, is the stealth effect that prevents players from appearing on mini-map radar whenever a UAV is active will now only apply if the player is moving. This will, in theory, prevent players with Ghost loadouts not appearing while simply sitting in a building or hiding in a bush. To stay invisible, they’ll need to be on the move. When Ghost is active, the player’s arrow on the minimap will fade.

“In a pre-Caldera world, Ghost has always been very beneficial,” said Raven. “However, in Caldera it is obvious that it has become even stronger with the ability to seek visual cover in foliage across the map.

“With this change we aim to balance the Perk around being mobile or being stationary, to provide more counter play opportunities around the Ghost perk. We are thoroughly looking at the stealth and detection meta with the intent to create more value in the options available to acquire and combat it.”

Another big change is for Quick Fix, which will now trigger health regen as soon as a player begins to use a plate. And there’s a change to Restock, reducing the recharge timer from 50 to 25 seconds except for Stims, which now have a 60-second timer. This also looks like it will have a big impact on the meta.

Here’s the full list of changes to Perks with today’s update:

  • Scavenger
    • The pouch will now have a cyan outline for those with Scavenger equipped.
    • Increased dissipation time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • The pouch now gives +1 Armor Plate on top of previous items.
    • Text update.
  • Restock
    • Recharge time reduced from 50 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Stim is now on a 60 second timer to reduce spam and gas abuse.
    • Incorrect ingame text “50s” will be updated in a future update.
  • E.O.D.
    • E.O.D. will reduce damage or cap the damage whichever is higher.
    • Raised cap on explosive damage from 80 to 200.
    • Raise damage reduction from 35% to 45%.
    • Text update.
  • Quick Fix
    • Inserting an Armor Plate will now begin regenerating health.
    • Text update.
  • Ghost
    • The “Ghost” stealth effect will now only apply if the Player is moving.
    • Players can observe this via the arrow representing their Operator in the minimap fading when “Ghost” is active.
    • A text update will be coming in the future to clarify these changes.