Call of Duty: Warzone player wins match by surviving in the gas for over a minute

Saving your money for the end game might be a new strategy.

Image via Activision

The gas cloud in Call of Duty: Warzone is almost impossible to survive in for long periods of time, preventing players from regenerating health and dealing significant damage every few seconds. But one clever player managed to survive outside the ring for a significant amount of time by continuously purchasing gas masks and using health syringes to eventually win the match.

A player uploaded a clip of the last couple of minutes of a Warzone match. The circle was closing in on the sports stadium, an area of the map that serves as a large point of interest and is currently inaccessible. The Warzone community has been vocal about this inaccessibility because the gas will sometimes close in on top of the stadium, which cannot be reached without a helicopter.

And although the player was unable to reach this vantage point in time for the final circle, they weren’t about to give up without a fight.

The player quickly ran to a buy station and purchased a gas mask, which provided 10 more seconds of safety from the gas. They also purchased a cluster strike to try and eliminate the final team on top of the stadium but were unable to do any damage. The player bought a second gas mask which added another 10 seconds of safety and a precision airstrike to try and eliminate the final team again. The second killstreak also had no effect.

The player purchased a third gas mask and luckily found more cash on the bodies of dead players nearby. They were unable to spend the money, however, because the buy station closed and prevented any further purchases. The player was still not ready to give up and used two health syringes to stay alive and found a third on the body of a dead enemy. These items bought a few more precious seconds, but the player was finally out of options.

After using several gas masks and syringes the player was finally knocked down. Their last hope came in the form of self-revive which gave them a few seconds to revive themselves and was enough to finally survive longer than the other remaining team.

The player stayed alive in the gas cloud for over a minute and a half, which is almost impossible. The clever use of gas masks and health items bought enough time for the opposing team to succumb to the ring, leading to a satisfying victory for the player.