Call of Duty: Warzone player counters glitch with Claymores

Look out for enemies hiding in drops.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player recently countered a cheater inside of a cash drop with multiple Claymores that prevented them from exploiting the notorious bug. 

Warzone players have experienced their fair share of glitches and bugs. Sometimes, bugs constantly reappear in each patch and players are forced to find new ways to deal with these issues. One glitch that’s plagued players is an exploit that allows people to get inside loadout and cash drops, making them invincible. 

A player recently witnessed an enemy glitching into a cash drop and understood that there’d be no way for them to kill them. But they also realized the cash drop would eventually disappear, so they used their Claymores to set a trap. 

The player planted two Claymores on both sides of the cash drop, which prevented the other player from escaping. As soon as the box disappeared, the enemy was knocked down and became an easy kill. The player was rewarded with several bags of cash thanks to their creative play. 

It’s unclear if players can exit the box once they glitch inside of it. It’s also unclear if players can recreate the glitch as they please since others have reported opening a box and unintentionally glitching into it. 

Regardless of intent, the next time you encounter a player inside of a cash drop, remember to place a few Claymores just to be safe.