Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s “early spawn” glitch can be ridiculously powerful

Watch out for this one until it's fixed.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has had a number of glitches pop up and get fixed over the seven-plus months since it was released. But one bug is definitely one of the more problematic glitches in the game.

The “early spawn” glitch has been happening for months, allowing players to move around while the round countdown timer ticks away. The clip below illustrates just how powerful an early spawn can be, providing a player with a head start of a few seconds.

While playing Cyber Attack on Gun Runner, the player gets an early spawn and is able to move even when the round countdown clock is at six seconds. He pushes the enemy squad and flanks them in the bathroom area, picking up four kills. The enemy team could never have expected him to be behind them that quickly.

It’s unclear exactly how this glitch happens, but some fans have their own speculations as to how it works. Whatever the case is, it seems to happen at random for most.

Infinity Ward is aware of this glitch and it’s being fixed in a future update, according to the Modern Warfare Trello board. It could be fixed as early as this week with the season four update.

Until a fix is deployed, be careful in any non-respawn game mode. The enemy could have a head start and be way closer than you think.