Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season one extended to Feb. 11

There's more time to finish out the Battle Pass than originally expected.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s first content season has been extended by two weeks, Infinity Ward announced today.

The season, which began on Dec. 3 and added 100 Battle Pass unlocks, new maps, new weapons and more, was originally supposed to end on Jan. 28. Now, it’ll end on Feb. 11.

“Over the next few weeks, a host of new items and challenges will arrive, including an in-game Challenge to earn the new Crossbow weapon, more remixed game modes, new playlists, and more in the Store to discover,” Infinity Ward said.

Infinity Ward confirmed that there will be double XP, double weapon XP, and double tier progression to help players finish up their Officer Ranks and Season Pass tiers.

It’s unknown if season two will begin right after season one ends or if there will be an “offseason” period of some kind. For now, CoD players can look forward to unlocking the new Crossbow weapon until season one comes to a close.

More information about the next season and the new things on offer in season one will be revealed in the coming days and weeks.