Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players call for FOV slider on console

The wider field of view might be causing an unfair advantage.

Image via Activision

PC players have a lot of exclusive options that console players miss out on because of hardware limitations. One option that’s starting to appear in console games, however, is a field of view slider (FOV) that allows players to choose how much of the game world they can see. This feature is not available in all games, and some players believe it provides an unfair advantage in games that feature cross play such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

One Warfare player uploaded several images of how the FOV looks in Modern Warfare on consoles and PCs. The PC FOV shows a wider view of the map while the console FOV shows a much smaller area.

The idea is that PC players are at an advantage because they can potentially see more enemies with a wider FOV, while console players are much more limited. A lot of console players are now asking for an FOV slider in console versions of games, but hardware limitations might be a problem.

A wider FOV is harder for a system to process, which is why it is almost exclusively available in PC games. Consoles are not as strong as their PC counterparts, so introducing a FOV slider could potentially cause performance issues. Some games like Apex Legends have managed to introduce a FOV slider without issue, however, so it is possible to do on a console.

It is unclear if the different FOVs in Modern Warfare are causing a competitive advantage for PC players, but it is clear most console players would at least like the option to increase their own FOV.