Call of Duty League will reportedly eventually offer Black Ops Cold War Operator skins as viewership rewards

CDL viewership rewards could get bigger over time.

Photo via Call of Duty League

YouTube drops will eventually offer Call of Duty League fans the ability to earn Operator skins, according to a report by The Esports Observer’s Adam Stern.

Brandon Snow, Activision-Blizzard Esports chief commercial officer, told Stern that viewership rewards will be "part of a tiered system based on how much time" someone watches the CDL and said "high end" items like Operator skins will eventually be added.

Last week, CDL and YouTube revealed that linking YouTube and Activision accounts will allow viewers to earn rewards such as weapon charms, emblems, calling cards, and XP tokens. The inclusion of Operator skins is a bigger deal for many, though.

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Snow told Stern that Call of Duty esports “continues to just surpass our expectations” and said the new account-linking feature is a “great way to celebrate the relationship between gamers and publishers.”

Viewership will be "critically important" moving forward for CDL and Activision's Overwatch League, according to Snow. With both leagues set to maintain an online-only presence for the foreseeable future, things like drops and account-linking could be what the leagues need to boost viewership numbers.

The Call of Duty League's 2021 season begins on Feb. 11.