Call of Duty League alters Control settings ahead of Stage 3

The change will be in effect for Stage Three.

Image via Call of Duty League

Control will play a little differently in Stage Three of the Call of Duty League.

The league announced today it would adopt the game mode’s altered settings that were introduced into public matches and League Play during Stage Two. Under these new rules, the team with more objectives—not kills—will receive defense in the case of overtime. Additionally, if a team captures a “tick” of the point, they will not receive more time in the round.

Previously, the team with more combined kills over the first four rounds would defend in round five. Now, teams will have to prioritize capturing points or at least ticks of the point as to not have to be on the offensive in the final round.

In its tweet, the CDL said it came to this decision “based on the collective feedback of #CDL2021 pros and Challenger players.”

The third stage of the CDL will begin on Thursday, April 22.