Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War season 6 cinematic gives fans first look at upcoming chaos

Verdansk is going through more chaos.

Image via Activision

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War season six cinematic was released today, showing players the impending destruction of a significant portion of Verdansk, Mason helping Adler revert his brainwashing, and potentially new weapons coming in this season. 

The trailer shows Adler in an interrogation room almost identical to the room in Black Ops 1, mirroring Mason’s previous experience. Adler is under the effects of brainwashing by Perseus and Mason helps him regain his senses.

Simultaneously, Stitch and an ally are defusing several bombs Adler planted beneath Verdansk. But a large explosion still destroys the Stadium and what appears to be the Downtown area. Adler is distraught by his actions, but Mason confirms it wasn’t his fault since it wasn’t him. Adler and Stitch will likely have a final showdown with only one person making it out alive. 

The trailer also shows Adler holding a bolt action rifle, indicating a new weapon might appear in season six. In addition, fans will finally get a chance to play as Alex Mason, one of the most iconic characters in Call of Duty history. It’s unclear how drastic the in-game destruction will be, but fans will likely have exciting new areas to explore in Warzone. Fans will likely also get to see new items and a fresh battle pass with more cosmetics. 

Treyarch officially revealed the final Cold War Zombies map, Forsaken, earlier today, which will release on Oct. 7 alongside season six. This massive update will be available for free across all platforms.