How to fix the Search and Destroy custom game glitch in Black Ops 4

You'll need to mess with just a few settings.

Image via Activision

While many enjoyed the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launch weekend, players encountered several bugs while in custom games.

One of the most problematic glitches was when Search and Destroy matches would automatically end after seven rounds, forcing many competitive players to restart their games in order to complete what could be 11-round matches.

Fortunately, Treyarch pushed out a hotfix recently that allows players to avoid this bug with specific settings. Players creating the custom game will need to access the game rules and set the round limit to ‘Unlimited’ while putting the round win limit to six rounds in the case of competitive matches.

With the new settings, players are able to complete matches in one try. The competitive community, which has traditionally used six rounds as the winning mark in Search and Destroy instead of four in public matches, will obviously be very relieved with the fix.

There are, however, other glitches and some shortcomings in custom games that have caused frustration among the playerbase.

Among the glitches is one in which players can spectate opposing players following a death due to a bug with killcams. Players have also reported that their teammates’ names have failed to appear and, in some cases, their teammates’ names were switched with that of their opponents.

Additionally, custom games seem to lack a few features that would allow more creativity and utility among players. Not being able to save custom gametypes is one of the said features, which would allow players to quickly start games with preset rulesets.

Players are also unable to view opponents’ attachments, a missing feature that essentially permits players to cheat by using banned attachments in competitive settings.

Treyarch is only in its first week of Black Ops 4, though, and the developers seem aware and willing to work with the community to resolve some of the game’s most glaring issues.