Call of Duty: Warzone could be launching soon, according to leaks

Footage of Warzone was leaked on YouTube.

Image via Activision

Warzone, Call of Duty’s upcoming battle royale game, could be released as early as tomorrow. 

YouTuber chaosxsilencer, known for his top 10 CoD plays, prematurely uploaded footage of the game, detailing its in and outs. The video was swiftly taken down, but not before everything was leaked.

Warzone is a free-to-play, standalone battle royale game, according to chaosxsilencer. It reportedly has cross-platform for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players, with servers up to 200 players.

The game has solos, duos, and trios, but not squads of four, according to chaosxsilencer. It will also reportedly include two game modes at launch: a regular battle royale mode and something called Plunder, which features a respawn mechanic and revolves around collecting money.

Warzone has also reportedly integrated classic CoD maps into the game, increasing their scale and making them fit for a battle royale environment. This will give players the opportunity to explore some of their favorite maps in a different way.

The specific release date of the game wasn’t revealed in the video, but chaosxsilencer said it’ll be available “very soon.”

Videos like this featuring footage of new games or modes are often shared with content creators ahead of time. It looks like chaosxsilencer may have accidentally broken a non-disclosure agreement by posting the video.

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