Sniper strategy guide for Call of Duty: Warzone

These are some of the best tips that will improve your sniping skill in Warzone.

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The Call of Duty franchise offers players a variety of different weapons that can be used, but one of the most popular weapon styles has always been the sniper rifle. Sniping is well-liked in multiplayer and the game’s battle royale mode, Warzone.

Due to the pacing of the game, Warzone often forces players to adapt their choice of weapon to suit their engagements with enemies. Since this is the case, there are several things to consider before you use a sniper.

Here are some of the best tips to improve your sniping ability in Warzone.

Weapon loadout

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With any class-based shooter, the choices you make when customizing a loadout before you enter the game are going to directly impact how well you do. The most effective sniper rifle in Warzone is the HDR. Due to its fast bullet travel time and lack of bullet drop, the HDR is the most user-friendly sniper available in the game.

One of the best attachments to complement this weapon is the Monolithic Suppressor. This attachment suppresses the noise created by your weapon, hides your location, and increases the range that you can accurately shoot from.

While it does decrease your aim-down-sight speed, the 26.9 barrel is another good attachment for the HDR since it’ll increase the range on your weapon. To make up for the ADS speed that’s lost by the barrel, use the FTAC Stalker-Scout stock. This is going to enable you to zoom in and take shots at a faster pace.

Another attachment that will give you additional ADS speed is the Tactical Laser. While this does give off a visible laser, it’s not going to be any more visible than the sniper’s scope glint that can be seen while aiming down sight.

Finally, you’re going to want to ensure that you have the Focus perk on your class loadout. This is going to reduce your recoil when taking damage, enabling you to fire back with more accuracy.

Since snipers are long-range weapons, you’re going to need to pair them with an assault rifle or submachine gun of some kind in your loadout. This is going to allow you to engage in close-quarters combat when you aren’t trying to take enemies out from a distance.

Use your range

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Snipers are best for picking off enemies at a distance or taking down that first combat initiating kill.

To get the best sniping opportunities, you’re going to want to establish some high ground over your opponents. As the one with the high ground, you’ll see more threats in your vicinity and where you can potentially escape if you need a way out.

Houses and other buildings are going to be especially important in establishing a dominant position over your opponents. Occupying a roof of a building is also going to give you some cover to be revived should you get downed. This allows you to snipe without fear of yourself or your squad being eliminated by fellow snipers. It’s always good to set up mines or other explosives that will alert you when a player is trying to enter the building you’re at the top of so you can change to a close-range weapon and prepare to take them on.

Make sure to use any available cover while sniping. You should change your angle after each of your shots. This will throw off the aim of enemies who may be targeting you as well as slightly hiding your location from alerted onlookers.

When aiming down the sights on a sniper rifle in Warzone, you’re going to let off some light reflecting from the scope of your weapon that can give away your location to enemies. There are multiple ways to combat this. The only way that fully solves the issue is to use a thermal scope since it won’t let off any light. But in some situations, having a thermal scope isn’t ideal especially, due to the number of players who run the Cold-Blooded perk, which enables them to be hidden from thermal scopes.

The best way to deal with the light let off by your scope is to just be wary of it and try to only look down sights when you’re planning to take a shot on an enemy. When scouting for opponents, look down the sight in small intervals so you don’t draw as much attention to yourself.

When forced to scope in the open, make sure that you’re moving from side to side while taking your shots. Don’t be a still target for opponents to fire upon. Continuous movement is going to make it increasingly difficult for opponents to hit you at range before you can fire back or find cover.

Be a good teammate

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In squads, sniping can be either increasingly more difficult or much easier. If your squad works as a team, you’ll find it much easier to track down and eliminate enemies. One thing that will assist you greatly when sniping is your team’s use of pings. Pinging the enemy’s location is going to allow you to more accurately spot and target enemies and be wary of threats that may be approaching you and your squad.

Prioritize your targets. While you may have a line of sight on an unsuspecting enemy in the distance, dealing with enemies who are heading toward your location is more important. The last thing you want to do is put your squad in danger to secure a kill or down on an enemy who didn’t pose any threat at the time. By using pings and working as a team, you’ll be able to identify the targets that need to be dealt with first before continuing to hunt down unsuspecting opponents.