A subway system might be coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

A CDL clip might have revealed a future update.

Image via Activision

The Dallas Empire defeated the Atlanta FaZe in the grand finals of the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League yesterday in an exciting best-of-nine series. After their victory, the Call of Duty League posted a clip of a Dallas Empire themed Stadium in Call of Duty: Warzone. The Stadium featured the CDL trophy and the team’s logo around the large building. The clip also showed a new subway station that’s not currently in the game, which may indicate a subway system is on the way. 

The CDL aired the clip live after Dallas beat Atlanta in the finals of CoD Champs 2020. Most fans enjoyed the updated graphics in Stadium and considered it a nice nod to the new champions. But a few eagle-eyed fans noticed a new detail in the bottom left of the screen, which appears to be a subway station. 

The subway station shown in the clip doesn’t appear in the current version of the Warzone map Verdansk, which has led many to speculate that it’ll show up in a future update. A train that moves around the map was introduced at the beginning of season five alongside the now open Stadium. 

It’s unclear if the subway station will connect an extensive underground system that players can use to navigate the map, but it’d be an exciting update. There are already inaccessible metro stations in Verdansk, so a layout could already be established. 

This is all speculation, though, since no official news of map updates, including subway stations, has been announced. But the video does suggest that a new structure could be added outside of Stadium soon.