A single Call of Duty player has disconnected from over 280 ranked games in less than 3 weeks

It's actually kind of impressive.

Image via Activision

Just a few weeks into the Ranked Play beta for Call of Duty: Vanguard, Treyarch Studios is already rolling out adjustments to skill rating penalties applied to players who have disconnected from a “significant” number of matches.

Specifically, these adjustments are being applied to players who’ve left several matches prior to the introduction of disconnect penalties on Feb. 28. At the top of this list of players is a single individual who has amazingly disconnected more than 280 times since Ranked Play was released on Feb. 18.


Ranked Play was set to release on Feb. 14 but was pushed back to Feb. 18 due to technical issues. Not counting today, it’s only been live for a total of 17 days, meaning this player has disconnected on average at least 16 times per day.

The world’s fastest match leaver is being hit with a hefty penalty via a 2,000-point loss to his skill rating, which Treyarch told them to “enjoy.” There are seven rank tiers ranging from Contender up to Challenger based on SR. If this player ranks anywhere in Contender, Specialist, Advanced, or Expert, they’re getting reset to zero.

Treyarch clarified in its tweet today that it’s punishing the more egregious match leavers to “keep a level playing field & prevent players from purposefully leaving matches.” Similar to other competitive shooters like VALORANT, players can leave a few ranked matches without any harsh penalties, whether that’s because of time constraints, toxic teammates, or other outstanding issues.

But if you’re leaving more matches per day than most players are likely even playing, it’s not hard to see who’s at fault. As Treyarch put it, “hope it was worth it.”