A new Call of Duty: Warzone loadout drop bug is causing game crashes on PC

Be careful when grabbing that loadie.

Image via Activision

Be careful when hopping on that next loadout drop in Call of Duty: Warzone, battle royale gamers.

It seems that a new bug has entered into Warzone with the recent 1.5 update and it’s causing players’ games to crash or freeze on PC. The bug has been occurring for the past couple of days and it seems like it’s avoidable by interacting with loadouts in a specific way.

The above clip from Warzone streamer TeePee shows the bug in action. It appears to happen when too many players on a team interact with the loadout drop at once. If players grab the loadout one by one, the crash or freeze doesn’t seem to happen as often.

Raven Software has not yet acknowledged the problem and it’s not currently listed on the game’s Trello board under known issues. But rest assured if players like TeePee and other top content creators continue to encounter the bug and bring visibility to it, the devs will know.

Frustration from Warzone players has been a common occurrence since the game was released. Whether it’s because of the game’s ongoing cheating situation, bugs, game crashes, or unbalanced gameplay, there’s always some thorn sticking in the side of Call of Duty battle royale gamers.

The game has had its fair share of problems on console, too. Since the Pacific update, the game’s performance has left it unplayable for many, leading Call of Duty to address the problem on Twitter yesterday.

Stay tuned for more information about this crashing issue, but for now, everyone on a team should take turns accessing loadouts.