Unity to donate $623,000 to humanitarian charities in Ukraine

The company will donate further funds throughout 2022.

Image via Unity

Unity Technologies, the company responsible for the game engine Unity, will donate $623,000 to four international humanitarian charities—Ukraine International Medical Corps, Unicef, Nova Ukraine, and the Canadian Immigrant Aid Society—that are supporting the people of Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

On top of that, Unity has launched two initiatives on the Unity Asset Store to help Ukraine. One is the Ukraine Mega Bundle, which has 32 assets available and 100 percent of the proceeds will be sent to humanitarian charities.

The other is a publisher support program. Unity will donate 100 percent of the net revenue from any Unity assets sold by Ukrainian publishers. The money will be donated throughout 2022 to relief efforts in Ukraine.

“We at Unity are devastated by the events unfolding in Ukraine,” Unity’s senior vice president and general manager of sports and live entertainment Peter Moore said on Twitter. “We are doing everything we can to lend our support and ask you consider doing the same.”

The gaming and esports industry, in general, has been showing support to the Ukrainian people since the country was invaded by Russian troops on Feb. 24. Today, the vice prime minister of Ukraine asked PlayStation and Xbox to leave the Russian market and asked esports platforms to block Russian teams and players from attending tournaments. Some tournament organizers, like BLAST and Elisa Esports, have banned Russian-based organizations from taking part in their tournaments.