Fnatic x Gucci watch sells out in less than 48 hours

If you blinked, you missed it.

Screengrab via Fnatic

If you were planning on grabbing one of Gucci’s new limited-edition Fnatic branded watches, you’re out of luck.

The time pieces that were sold exclusively on the Gucci web store have already sold out, according to Fnatic founder and CEO Sam Mathews, who posted on Twitter earlier today.

Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one of the $1,427 watches before Gucci ran out though, because the “limited” nature of these limited-edition watches made them especially exclusive. There were only 100 of them made in total.


Mathews didn’t say in his post how many of those 100 watches ended up being purchased or given to Fnatic staff, execs, and players. But in his Twitter post, he made sure to say that his mother received the very first watch out of the batch.

“Mum was happy to get 1/100, cause she’s my No. 1,” he wrote.

While there is no indication that Gucci will make more of these watches, the Gucci webpage dedicated to the watches says that the time pieces are “part of a new collaboration” between Fnatic and the fashion brand.

Though no further collaborative efforts have been announced, the wording on Gucci’s website suggests that perhaps there could be more in store down the road for anyone looking to get a little bit more of that Fnatic x Gucci swag.

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