Fnatic goes orange on social media, possibly teasing rebrand

"The future is Fnatic."

Photo via Riot Games

Major esports organization Fnatic changed its profile picture on social media today to an orange wallpaper.

There’s little to no information about it apart from the phrase “the future is Fnatic,” however. The British organization might be setting the stage for a rebrand and consequential logo change.

Fnatic has been around since 2004, having won many titles in Counter-Strike. The org has a Major-winning squad in CS:GO and teams in other games, such as League of Legends.

A lot of Fnatic fans have already expressed their wishes against a possible rebrand on social media since Fnatic’s logo is one of the most traditional in esports. The reason for a possible rebrand is still unclear, but it might be due to a new partnership.

Fnatic wouldn’t be the first major organization to recently go through a rebrand, though. Evil Geniuses, a North American organization that’s been around since 1999, rebranded last December.

Update Jan. 21 at 05:16am CT: The first version of this article incorrectly stated that Fnatic is a Swedish organization. That statement has been corrected.