Evil Geniuses’ logo crest is coming back, CGO says

EG fans can breathe easy.

Image via Evil Geniuses

The iconic logo of one of the most historied brands in esports, Evil Geniuses, is making a return soon enough, according to Phillip Aram, the organization’s chief gaming officer.

Earlier in the week, EG exchanged their 20-year-old crest for a new logo, which simply featured the organization’s name in a large white text on top of a dark blue background. The removal of the crest led to backlash from the community given the brand’s legacy and its accomplishments throughout the years under the original logo. In response, the organization’s CGO said earlier today that the crest will be returning after some fine tuning.

Aram made the announcement by responding to EG founder Alexander Garfield, who sold the company in 2014. He said that the removal of the old logo means that people are starting to forget the history of the organization, which has been active since 1999. 

“Clearly, some people have forgotten how and why Evil Geniuses came to be in the first place, and even more clearly, the story of how and why it came to be where it is now has gone silent for far too long,” Garfield said

Aram apologized to Garfield and EG fans, saying the crest would be returning after the organization was “done refining it.”

EG’s logo has been a staple in esports since its conception alongside the brand. As such, it wasn’t just Garfield that was disappointed with the change. Hundreds of fans displayed their dismay on social media following the organization’s new logo reveal. 

Aram did not detail the changes coming with the crest’s refinement, but fans can breathe easy knowing the organization is retaining its original E and G lettering.