Epic Games Store now has keyless integration with Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, and Genba Digital

More integration, please.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games is partnering with various digital stores to add keyless integration to the Epic Games Store, the company announced today. The partnership includes Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, and Genba Digital, joining the Humble Store, which has had this kind of integration since last year.

This means that you can purchase games digitally from those stores and send a link to your EGS account. The game will appear directly in your library without needing a download key.

Apparently, more of these partnerships will come in the future. EGS general manager Steve Allison said it’s important that the company continues “to find ways to support developers and offering them ways to reach a wider audience, all while receiving a fair share.”

Genba Digital’s CCO, Claire Ralley, highlighted the role Epic has played in game security, guaranteeing that games won’t be pirated. “Security has always been paramount to us as a distributor, so this collaboration helps us to remain at the forefront of innovation in this area,” Ralley said.

Epic has free games available every week. The most recent one is Grand Theft Auto V. Mere seconds after the game became free last week, though, the store went down when it was flooded with too many people trying to access it. Fans have until May 21 to download GTA V for free on the Epic Games Store.