Counter Logic Gaming appoints new CEO

One of North America’s top esports franchises introduced new leadership last night.

Photo via Riot Games/Flickr

One of North America’s top esports franchises introduced new leadership last night.

Counter Logic Gaming has brought on Devin “Mylixia” Nash as CEO, allowing the team’s owner George “Hotshotgg” Georgallidis to take a step back from managing the team.

Nash comes to Counter Logic Gaming with a decent esports resume, serving as life coach and then regional manager for Team Dignitas before coming to CLG. Nash also has experience running his own social media marketing company,

“I’m honored to be invited to such a progressive organization,” Nash said. “CLG has won my heart with its unique culture and its vision to help the people involved in esports to grow.”

In what may be slightly tongue-in-cheek, Nash used the dreaded “P” word while describing his new organization, stating that Counter Logic Gaming has “amazing potential” to shape the esports industry. That, at least, shows he knows the territory, if it perhaps isn’t the word many Counter Logic Gaming want to hear after years of “potential” letting them down.

“I’m here to challenge this organization and industry to be the strongest it can be,” Nash said.

One big advantage of adding someone with a little more experience like Nash at the top: It allows team owner Georgallidis to step back. As team president, he’ll still maintain final say on major management decisions, but he won’t be as directly involved in the day-to-day operations. That will free up him to do what he does best—engage with the team’s fans, many of whom are there thanks to Georgallidis’ playing career.

“What I’ve always loved about being a part of CLG is engaging with the people who support us,” he said. “For the last year I had to focus on new challenges that come from being a growing business. Because of that I lost connection with the public. CLG is finally at the point where I feel comfortable appointing a CEO so I can go back to the roots.”

That means we should be getting more Georgallidis on stream. Of course, the new CEO may be the better entertainer—certainly, at least, on the dance floor. A YouTube video showing off his moves after a streamed game of League of Legends on Twitch shows he’s got at least one qualification to take over CLG.

The change in management comes after a regular season where CLG overhauled its coaching staff, bringing in a coach with a sports management background instead of one with an esports background. This move seems like the next step in really transforming the organization into a truly professional esports organization.