Cloud9 signs a multiyear partnership with Microsoft

Both companies plan to develop new technologies in esports.

Image via Cloud9

Cloud9 and Microsoft are joining forces to create new tools and technologies for the organization’s teams, including the LCS squad and CS:GO roster. Cloud9 announced the multiyear partnership with Microsoft earlier today.

Soham “valens” Chowdhury, Cloud9’s CS:GO coach, briefly stopped training the team in March to become C9’s head of data science. Valens has wanted to build C9’s analytical division since the end of 2018.

Mike Downey, the director of sports technology at Microsoft, said that the agreement will have a direct impact on how Cloud9’s players practice. “We will work with Cloud9 to build tools that will help them train more efficiently and determine their best strategies to win,” Downey said. “Pairing the technological expertise of Microsoft with some of the world’s best gamers and coaches, we have an opportunity to develop some really innovative technology.”

Esports is constantly developing and many organizations already understand how important it is to be paired with the latest technology.

Jack Etienne, the owner and CEO of Cloud, said that the organization’s future looks promising. “At Cloud9, we are all about giving players the tools they need to succeed, and with Microsoft leading the way for us, we’re going to have the competitive edge,” Etienne said.

Microsoft has the ability to bring new perspectives to Cloud9 and esports in general. When a team is underperforming, the blame tends to fall on the support player because he has worse statistics than others.

But what if there was a software that provides in-depth analysis of games and catches numbers or things that the eyes can’t see? Analysis desks in esports are already doing that, but the commentators still only have a few minutes to crack a decisive play.

If Microsoft and Cloud9 succeed, this partnership could mark a major turning point for the industry moving forward.