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Is karma good or bad in BitLife?

All of your actions in BitLife will have a say in your overall karma.

Karma exists in Bitlife, and having good or bad karma can noticeably impact your experience in the game. Throughout your BitLife journey, your actions will result in positive and negative karma, which changes your luck.

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I truly felt the impact of karma in BitLife when I tried to have a completely evil simulation. Making all the bad decisions and dipping my toes into the criminal underworld resulted in my character having terrible karma. Though I wondered whether I could fix my bad karma in BitLife, I also knew that it was too late for me at that point—but it doesn’t have to be for you.

Is it better to have 100 and zero percent karma in BitLife?

Karma levels in Bitlife.
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If you’re looking to proceed in your simulation as a good person, you’ll want to keep your karma at 100 percent, meaning you’ll have the best luck in the game.

However, players looking to experiment with a wicked simulation will often find their karma level at zero percent, which is statistically bad and results in bad luck.

How to increase your karma in BitLife

Ways to increase karma in BitLife.
Making someone’s day always works. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To increase your karma level in BitLife, you need to make positive choices in the game.

  • Apologize to others.
  • Give compliments to friends and family.
  • Help others.
  • Donate to charity, give money to family, or to people without homes.
  • Avoid getting into arguments with friends and family.
  • Eat healthy and exercise.
  • Meditate and complete mind/body activities.
  • Serve in the military and save someone’s life.

Overall, you’ll encounter plenty of situations where you can make a positive difference in BitLife. When you choose to do good, you’ll gain positive karma, which will stack until it reaches 100 percent.

How to decrease your karma in BitLife

crime choices in BitLife.
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Maybe the goody-two-shoes life isn’t for you. If you want to explore the dark side and lower your karma in BitLife, you’ll need to do more bad than good in the game.

Here’s everything you can do to decrease your karma in BitLife:

  • Commit crime.
  • Forge documents.
  • Insult others.
  • Pick up bad habits.
  • Run away from consequences.
  • Ruin a relationship by cheating.
  • If you encounter someone whose life is in danger, skip on saving them.

If you continue to choose every bad outcome in all scenarios in BitLife, you’ll tank your karma in no time.

How to check your karma in BitLife

Checking karma in BitLife.
Focus and learn. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Karma is a hidden stat in BitLife, and there are two ways to check it:

  • Meditation: Head over to the Activities tab and choose “Mind and Body.” Select “Meditate.”
  • The Grave: This one’s a bit more permanent. Upon your character’s death, their tombstone will display a message indicating whether they lived a life of good or bad karma.

What happens when you have good karma in BitLife?

High karma in BitLife translates to a more fortunate existence in the game. When your BitLife karma is high, you’ll likely have an extended lifespan, luck out in rare scenarios, and achieve more success in your career. That can be especially helpful if you’re trying to get famous.

What happens when you have bad karma in BitLife?

Impact of bad karma in BitLife.
You never know when it might hit you. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Bad karma in BitLife can lead you to various struggles and setbacks in the game, such as difficulty in relationships and career roadblocks. Other unfortunate events that you may encounter include illnesses, accidents, or even an early demise.

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