Mind Games in League of Legends

Engaging in mind games to give yourself an advantage over an opponent is something that we all do to a degree. I look at some recent events that highlight what Professional teams do to gain that advantage. It's a game within a game.

Statistics – Their Use and Analysis

Statistics are a great way to get a snapshot of a particular phenomenon at a given time. But that doesn't go far enough to be able to create honest, evidence based knowledge and learning potential for the future. In game analysis, along with statistical e

The Problem/s with the Renegades

LA Renegades are not doing well this season, but their problems are multi-dimensional. There is no simple answer to finding a solution based on the problems they are showing. I analyse what they aren't doing well, but also what they are - and what this ma

A (V)ery Big Problem

Analysis into the past characteristics and statistics of QG and V. Why what they are currently doing is working, and why it is not going to last.