Top 5 Most Surprisingly Good Cards of WoToG

Every expansion brings cards that are, before release, not rated too highly. Cards that everyone thinks will be ‘meh’ at most. Cards that exceed everyone’s expectations and show that they are no joke. Our beloved was originally said to be mediocre and have said to have no merit over .  was proclaimed to be a strictly […]

Deck Revival: Aggro Druid!

The Old Gods brought a lot of fun and new cards with them, but also took away a lot of cards from the players who love to play Whack-a-Mole with the opponents face. For Aggro Druid, it has been a tough few weeks – , , , and everyone’s favorite,  were all huge hits to Aggro Druids arsenal […]

Deck Revival: Face Hunter!

With the advent of Whispers of the Old Gods and Standard, our #1 deck to hate on saw the departure of a lot of key cards. The deck that once used to dominate the meta has now become a hollow shell of what it used to be. With crucial cards such as Mad Scientist and Haunted […]

A Study in Aggro Shaman – Legend Guide

Hello everyone! I am Sempok, a multiple-time legend player. You might remember me from my Tuskarr Aggro Shaman list I got top 5 legend with a while ago. Today, I’m going to be talking about Aggro Shaman, its various forms, and how the deck functions and has developed. The idea of the deck is fairly simple. You […]