KFT Fully Revealed! – First Impressions

A couple of minutes ago the full expansion of Knights of the Frozen Throne was just fully revealed on an official Blizzard stream. Despite the big number of cards revealed we haven’t seen much difference from the overall idea behind the set’s creation so that means we already had time to think about the expansion’s […]

Nuba Reviews KFT, Part 2

And suddenly Blizzard decides to release tons of new card spoilers at once, leaving me with quite the tight schedule. But since there were some pretty cool cards released in the last batch, I decided to put up with the schedule and have some fun writing this review 😀 If you missed the first part, […]

Let the Bets Begin: KFT Card Reviews!

And so the reveal season begins! Lots of *cough* awesome cards to be discussed and a lot of weird stuff happening. While the initial revealed cards were quite disappointing, there is still a lot we can discuss about these cards and their impact on the game. First of all, I’ll go back to doing what […]

Knights of the Frozen Throne First Impressions… By Nuba!!

Hey Peeps! How long has it been since I haven’t written an article? Truth is I quit Professional Hearthstone some time ago and was barely playing, but lately I have found myself coming and going playing some Hearthstone here and there for the fun of it. Today I decided it would be nice to give […]

Nuba’s Super Lists of Awesome – Priest, Mage, Warlock

This article was supposed to be out yesterday, but I am working with a lot of stuff lately that I simply did not have time to post this. However, there has been some good things about it, mostly that I had time to do more playtests and deliver you guys a few upgraded lists, even […]