Nerfs Announced – Pro and Dev insights by Nuba!

And so finally the nerfs that were announced last week were revealed, and it caught many people, including myself, completely off guard with the number and scope of the nerf bat. A lot of class cards and things we weren’t counting on just got nerfed, so I figured it would be nice for you guys […]

Top Legend Decks – That aren’t Druid!

It feels weird writing about Hearthstone when everyone just can’t stop talking about Druid overdominance. Today I come with some alternative cool lists for you to try before jumping into the Druid bandwagon just like everyone one of your friends has already done. Every list posted in this article were featured in the top 20 […]

5 Brews to Play at Launch! Druid, Paladin, Priest and Warlock!

With all the reveals, reviews and discussions, people are eager to start experimenting on Knights of the Frozen Throne cards as soon as they hit, but while there are tons of cards we really want to experiment, sometimes finding a playable home to experiment and playtest those cards end up being harder than it looks. […]