Weekly Legends: New Age Dragon Priest

Last week we looked at the ruined pieces of the new meta to see what we could salvage for the coming months. This week we continue that trend by picking up the remnants of Priest and use them to create something new. Well…almost new. We are in the throes of a brand new meta, and […]

The New Standard: Spiteful Druid

Told you. Last week on The New Standard I ran head first into this list, which instantly made me want to play it. Then, after some searching, I discovered a built that Zarathustra brought to the top of the legend ladder. And after that, I realized it had all the juicy cards that were about […]

The New Standard: Overload Shaman

Note: Once the nerfs go into effect, you should switch up This week on The New Standard, we’re getting a little experimental. That is, we are porting a deck from Wild to Standard. Recently, a player named kingsdefender took a version of Overload Shaman to legend in Wild. While I do not play Wild, the […]

Weekly Legends: Control Rogue

Another trip to the Valeera well. Last week we broke down a Fal’dorei Miracle deck that utilized a ton of the classic draw cards to create near-infinite spiders. This week, we’re going back to one of my favorite cards in the game, , to check out a legend Control Rogue deck. The words control and […]

The New Standard: Deathrattle Control Paladin

Yep, we’re back to Paladin. However, unlike our past trips to Uther-ville (is that a place?), we are going to be slowing things down. Way, way down. This week we are going to look at a very interesting legend Control(ish) Paladin build created by a player named Adernain. This deck has a lot of going […]

Weekly Legends: Fal’dorei Miracle Rogue

This week we are going to once again ask ourselves the question, how do you target a meta? There is a wide range of different overarching themes we cover in looking at ways to get ahead in this game. Sometimes we talk about versatility, sometimes we talk about deck building, and sometimes we talk about […]

The New Standard: Discount Paladin

I told you guys this one was coming! As an avid Aggro Paladin player, I love seeing that the deck is one of the most popular in the game. However, I have a confession to make: I’m not a fan of the current builds. While they do some things right, I think they are too […]

Weekly Legends: Face Hunter

Continuing are strange trend of “aggro decks that used to dominate the meta,” this week we’re rolling with Face Hunter. This is likely going to be the last such deck we look at, but it is one of the cooler builds that I’ve found while climbing. While the list is not the most popular deck […]

The New Standard: Pirate Warrior

Yes, you read that title correctly! Today on The New Standard we are going to play Pirate Warrior in 2018. Not only is that a crazy sentence, but this could well be one of the strangest journeys we’ve ever embarked on. The deck was once the bane of ladder, and it went down as one […]

Weekly Legends: Big Spell Priest

Well, it’s finally time. All of you know by now that I am not the biggest fan of Big Spell Priest. However, there is no doubt that it is a very cool archetype that does something we’ve never seen before in Hearthstone. That’s why I do this series, and that means we’re digging in and […]