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New and overpowered: a look at newly revamped champions and their strengths

In the past few years of League, most newly released or reworked champions have had something in common: their unmatched strength. Given how there are large gaps between champion releases, these aren’t that big of a problem.
2 years agoLoL

Patch 5.16 and Worlds - how the incoming changes will affect everyone.

A look at how Riot's new huge patch may affect pro players, game balance and spectators heading into the world championship.
2 years agoLoL

Advocating for Apollo: a closer look at TiP's ADC, his performance and his role within the team.

Photo credit: lolesports flickr Introduction Team Impulse, or TiP. If you've been following the North American LCS, you probably know about these guys.
2 years agoLoL