Fuskee’s Witchwood Preview, Part 3

Hey all! As I’m writing this up and finalizing everything, we are less than 24 hours away from the next Hearthstone expansion, Witchwood. By the time this is put up on the website the set should be out and ready to be played but just for completion sake, I want to go through some of […]

Fuskee’s Witchwood Preview, Part 2

Hey guys! Witchwood is still being slowly revealed but we are now more than halfway through the set which only means one thing, more previews and predictions about the upcoming meta! There are currently 71 revealed cards of the 135 card set and only 9 legendaries and 11 epics that haven’t been revealed yet. Paladin’s […]

Fuskee’s Witchwood Preview, Part 1

What’s up everybody! We are about half a month away before the next Hearthstone expansion, Witchwood, and a good amount of the cards have started to be revealed by Blizzard so it’s that time to make our predictions about potentially good cards and discuss the kind of stuff we can expect in the upcoming meta. […]

Fuskee’s First Impressions: Year of the Raven

Hey everybody! Today I wanted to go over some of the big changes that are coming to Hearthstone with the Year of the Raven. So far we don’t have too much information about the newest set besides some of the new mechanics and a few of the cards, but I also want to go over […]

Playing Around Secrets

What’s up everybody! I normally like to stick to writing about deck guides but every once in awhile I come up with a little bit of knowledge that I believe is helpful for players in order to reach that next level. This is something that I also have trouble with every once in awhile so […]

Deck Guide: Kingsbane Mill Rogue

What’s up everybody! Enjoying the new meta without and and ? I sure am! This past week has almost felt like a new expansion with the fresh decks running around. Right now I’m switching between two decks, straight Face Hunter if I’m trying to grind some ranks and then what I like to consider my […]

Spiteful “Summon X Mana Minion” RNG Guide

What’s up guys! Today I’m going to do something a little different, usually I stick to just deck guides and going over what you can play in the current meta but every once in awhile I like to find topics that can help a player gain a little more knowledge to help them steer their […]

Deck Guide: Ant’s HCT Spiteful Dragon Priest

What’s up everybody! Today I’ve got a deck that is perfect for ranked grinding at the end of the month to try and get your best rewards possible. I found this deck while going over the Hearthstone Championship Tour’s decklists because I always like to keep an eye open for unique decks that can beat […]

Deck Guide: Weasel Priest

Guys. Screw the introduction. It’s time to get serious. This is probably the most fun I’ve had with a deck in a very very long time. I actually can’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a deck. It has everything! It has control. It has mini deathrattle aggro. It has memes. […]

Deck Guide: Zoo Druid Aggro

Hey guys! It’s me, Fuskee, and today I’m going to give you a deck that is perfect for grinding those last few days of ranked or for grinding the first few days of ranked next month if you’re aiming to get Legend for the first time. I was going to write up a Highlander Priest […]