The Classics: Fnatic vs. SK Gaming

Last week on “The Classics” series, I talked about the oldest rivalry in League of Legends: CLG vs. TSM. To find our next great rivalry we have to cross the Atlantic Ocean, to Europe.

EU LCS Week 1 – A quick analysis

After a long wait, the LCS is finally here. A lot of predictions were made about how the teams will perform, and at last we will be able to see if those predictions will be true or not. Day 1 Elements vs.

xPeke – Europe’s mid lane king

There was a time, not very long ago, when League of Legends was not the most watched esport in the world, a time when Korea was not the best region in the world and Malzahar was a legitimate pick for mid lane in competitive play.

What we can expect from the EU LCS this spring

With all team rosters being completed, and scrims on the way, we are all anxiously awaiting the start of the EU LCS. A lot of things happened during the off-season, and we now have a radically different league from what we saw last season.

An analysis of Origen

Who is Origen? The short version of this question is that Origen is Xpeke, the same way that Alliance was, at least in the beginning, Froggen. I don’t think it’s wrong to look at Origen as the new European “superteam”.