Master Your Game Without Playing Hearthstone

Greetings one and all! Today, I thought share with you the inner dimensions, the belts, cogs and gears of my mind that have helped me tremendously as I’ve attempted to conquer mount Hearthstone everyone season. Everyone is seeking for that next PATRON WARRIOR deck, or that next broken strategy that shakes the meta to its core. […]

Mastering the Midrange Paladin: Advanced Guide

This is Part 2 of the Mastering the Midrange Paladin extensive deck guide series. It is split into 3 main guides: Part 1: Beginner Guide Part 2: Advanced Strategies, Alternate Cards and Tech Choices Part 3: Matchups and Mulligans – It is important for all decks to have some form of silence at this meta. There are many minions […]

HSP’s Own Competitive Hearthstone Team: Team HSP!

Team HSP is currently made up of: Location Warsaw, Poland Primary Region: Europe Role at Team HSP: Stonekeep is Team HSP’s lead writer and content producer. Not only is Stonekeep hitting Legend every season, he’s creating awesome guides to share with the Hearthstone community (not just deck guides, but Arena as well!). Also responsible for translating the deep […]