Patrick Bonifacio
Dota 2 Writer

Team Admiral responds to DeMoN's allegations of mistreatment and poor team house conditions

The management of the team has fired back at DeMoN for his accusations.
7 hours ago - Dota 2

The Promise of Eminent Revival is now available for TI8 Battle Pass owners

Take a trip down cosmetic memory lane with this cache of treasures from Internationals past.
9 hours ago - Dota 2

Dota Plus summer update adds a plethora of new features

The first update to the monthly service brings plenty of new elements and goodies.
7 days ago - Dota 2

TI8 prize pool hits $20 million with 52 days remaining

The total is still trailing behind that of last year's prize pool.
8 days ago - Dota 2

Dota 2 Sven hero guide: Strategy, tips and tricks

The wielder of the Outcast Blade is all about brute force.
9 days ago - General

OpTic captain ppd launches the North American Dota Challengers League

A new in-house league enters the North American fray.
11 days ago - Dota 2

Save your games from turning around with Black King Bar

Don't skip the BKB, kids.
14 days ago - Dota 2

OpenAI will face a human Dota 2 team live on Twitch on July 28

This match will be the first time that OpenAI will play against humans live on stream.
15 days ago - Dota 2

Ghostik leaves Team Empire

The Ukrainian offlaner helped Empire reach top eight at The International 7.
15 days ago - Dota 2

Upgrade your Dota 2 Battle Pass with the Battle Level and Treasure Bundle

You can now purchase Battle Levels and additional Immortal Treasures at a discounted price.
21 days ago - Dota 2