Patrick Bonifacio
Dota 2 Writer

Dota Plus summer update adds a plethora of new features

The first update to the monthly service brings plenty of new elements and goodies.
6 days ago - Dota 2

TI8 prize pool hits $20 million with 52 days remaining

The total is still trailing behind that of last year's prize pool.
6 days ago - Dota 2

Dota 2 Sven hero guide: Strategy, tips and tricks

The wielder of the Outcast Blade is all about brute force.
8 days ago - General

OpTic captain ppd launches the North American Dota Challengers League

A new in-house league enters the North American fray.
10 days ago - Dota 2

Save your games from turning around with Black King Bar

Don't skip the BKB, kids.
13 days ago - Dota 2

OpenAI will face a human Dota 2 team live on Twitch on July 28

This match will be the first time that OpenAI will play against humans live on stream.
14 days ago - Dota 2

Ghostik leaves Team Empire

The Ukrainian offlaner helped Empire reach top eight at The International 7.
14 days ago - Dota 2

Upgrade your Dota 2 Battle Pass with the Battle Level and Treasure Bundle

You can now purchase Battle Levels and additional Immortal Treasures at a discounted price.
19 days ago - Dota 2

Night Stalker and Io take significant win rate hits after Patch 7.18

Two of the most dominant heroes in the metagame have fallen off completely in pub games.
20 days ago - Dota 2

FACEIT disqualifies Thunder Predator from TI8 qualifiers

SG e-sports will play against Torus Gaming in replacement of the winners final match.
25 days ago - Dota 2