Assassin’s Creed fan goes on world tour to real locations from games

One fan visited the real locations from the games!

There is a dual shot of the Duomo di Firenze from AC2 and in real life.
The east end of the Duomo di Firenze. Image by GenericReditUserName

The Assassin’s Creed series is known for featuring many real-life locations from around the world. The conflict between the Templars and Assassins often takes place near iconic landmarks that are historically relevant. One big fan of the series decided to go on a world tour, visiting places that you can visit in the games.

Reddit user GenericReditUserName shared photos of their trip to multiple countries where some Assassin’s Creed games take place. The Imgur gallery of images included side-by-side comparisons of the real locations and how they are rendered in the games. The accuracy and attention to detail for each landmark rendered in the games are incredible. GenericReditUserName was able to visit places like the Great Pyramid of Khufu from AC: Origins, the Cathedral of Santa Maria from Assassin’s Creed 2, and many other locations from both games.

There is a dual image of the Pyramids of Giza in the game and real life. There is someone riding a horse in both shots.
The pyramids of Giza. Image by GenericReditUserName.

“I’ve always been a history enthusiast, so naturally the AC series just fit right into my passion for learning about the past. I always wanted to see these places in real life and thought after playing the games, seeing some of these places up close would be the ultimate way to experience the actual history that took place there,” GenericRedditUserName said when asked about their love for history and Assassin’s Creed.

Many Reddit commenters were impressed and marveled at the idea of taking a tour around the world to visit the various locations. “This could be the trip of a lifetime for some people. Good for you man, this is awesome”, a Reddit user said in response to the post. Other commenters were amazed at how someone was able to go to so many of the locations, let alone be able to visit all of them to compare to their video game counterparts.

There is a dual shot of the Colossi of Memnon statues. One is in real life while the other is from the game.
The Colossi of Memnon. Image by GenericReditUserName

The high quality of the photos was also helpful to everyone in the subreddit to see just how close the game locations were to the real locations, with many details almost being one-to-one when comparing both. DarthFisticuffs replied on the thread: “This is high-quality posting, very nice! I’ve always wondered how a lot of these places compare in real life. Some of them are stunningly accurate! I hope for your sake (and ours) that you get to do more locations.”

GenericReditUserName said the trip was part of their summer plan to retrace as many real-world locations from the games as they could. Getting shots of the locations from the exact same places where you see them in the games and comparing them was a big part of it. On the Imgur album shared on Reddit, GenericReditUserName gave comments on each location they visited and what it was like to photograph them in person. Most of the buildings and structures, they noted, are very close to the color and condition you can see within the games. They even went as far as to recreate shots of places like the Pyramid of Giza while riding on horseback.

Saint Mark’s Campanile of Saint Marks Basilica. Image by GenericReditUserName

For some images, GenericReditUserName stated it was tough getting the exact angle that is used in the games because of the layout and changes to the locations today. But for the majority of images they captured, they were able to be pretty accurate to how each of the landmarks look in the games if you were going to visit them in person. They were lucky enough to actually do so and photograph the experience for other Assassin’s Creed fans to see.

About the response to the Reddit post, GenericReditUserName was happy to see so many people being positive about the images they captured.

“I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show the gaming community how much effort goes to recreating these places in a game. And hopefully inspire others to learn, visit and discover our past through the games or IRL,” they said.


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