You can now send voice messages in Apex Legends without a mic

This is great for those who don't want their voice heard or can't speak.

Image via EA

Apex Legends continues to add more accessibility options for players. The latest addition is the ability to send voice messages to your teammates in a match without a microphone on Xbox One and PS4.

Previously, you could only send a text message on console like in any other game, but that requires your teammate to temporarily leave the game, check the message, and then come back. That takes up precious time, especially if you have something urgent to say.

But now, you can send an in-game message and if your team has a headset on, it will play the message in their ears using a robotic voice. This is done by holding down the view button on Xbox One or the touchpad on PS4. Doing this will pop up a keyboard where you can type your voice message.

Though it does take time to type the message, it’s a quick way to say simple words like “wait” or “help.” This is yet another important addition to Apex that makes the game more accessible to different types of players.

There are players who aren’t able to communicate audibly, either due to a disability or out of preference, but this allows them to still contribute to the team anyway.

The ping system already allows for this but it is limited in nature since you can only tag weapons, enemies, and locations without any context. Adding voice messages in Apex will only help players coordinate better and make it more accessible to more players.


Cody Perez