Wraith’s Voidwalker skin not returning to Apex Legends “any time soon,” design director says

The cosmetic was only available for a limited time.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends collectors who didn’t get Wraith’s Voidwalker skin may not have another chance to obtain it. Design director Jason McCord confirmed that Respawn doesn’t plan to revive the cosmetic in the near future.

A fan asked McCord on Twitter if Respawn intended to reintroduce the skin to Apex’s in-game store. “No plans to bring it back any time soon,” McCord responded.

The cosmetic made its way to the game as part of the Voidwalker limited-time collection event, which focused on Wraith. It was in the in-game shop for two weeks between Sept. 3 and 17 at a cost of 1,800 Apex Coins, which is close to $18.

The Voidwalker event gave fans more details about Wraith’s backstory and debuted alongside an action-packed, eight-minute episode of Stories from the Outlands, Apex’s way of delivering lore on the characters.

In the short, a Wraith from another dimension saves herself from the IMC laboratory that’s keeping her as a test subject. The film ends with Wraith emerging from the facility and into a version of Kings Canyon before the Apex Games when the arena was still under construction.

Although the Voidwalker skin is out of the picture, players who miss the event can dive back into Labs with Déjà Loot. The limited-time mode forces all loot to spawn in the same place and is now hosted on the season two version of Kings Canyon—Laboratories included.