Wraith and Bangalore fight over her pilot knife in latest Apex Legends lore drop

“This is a Pilot's knife. Who gave you this?”

Apex Legends C4
Image via Respawn Entertainment

There’s trouble brewing in Apex Legends.

Wraith and Bangalore argued over the ex-IMC soldier’s knife, which she took from a pilot during the Frontier War. Wraith wants to decrypt the information inside and try to learn more about their pasts, but Bangalore isn’t too happy about it.

The argument starts after Bangalore asked Wraith to grab her jump jets from the locker while the two were getting ready to drop into a match. Wraith discovers Bangalore’s heirloom knife, which she took from a downed pilot, and wants to see if it may hold any information about her past or Bangalore’s brother Jackson. The former soldier, however, despises the idea.

“You are not taking anything else from me,” Bangalore tells Wraith.

“Just thought I might find intel to help us both,” Wraith replies. “My past, your brother Jackson…”

The mention of her missing brother angers Bangalore even more. “No one gets to say his name. Especially you.”

The two put their conflict on hold to drop into the Apex Games, but not without one final shot from Bangalore: “I haven’t stabbed you in the back yet. Why start now?”

The friction between the two could stem from Bangalore’s seeming disdain for the ARES Division, where Wraith was stationed in her past life. Although the ARES Division was a branch of the IMC, Bangalore remarks in Pathfinder’s Quest that “Wraith is not IMC” and calls her a “lab rat.” In Bangalore’s own words, the ARES Division was doing “cruel and unspeakable things” that she didn’t condone.

Videos like this allow the devs to deliver lore in a non-intrusive way in Apex. It’s also not the first time Respawn has used the format to talk about key events, such as Loba throwing Revenant’s source code into the Phase Runner or Crypto telling Wattson about his real identity. And it seems likely that the latest lore drop won’t be the end of this story.