Wraith and Ash portals can be destroyed now thanks to new Apex bug

It's less of a shadow nerf and more of a phase nerf.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Every season of Apex Legends arrives with tweaks the developers have made to the game, buffing and nerfing legends and weapons that need changing for balance purposes. Lately, however, players have discovered what is most likely a bug that also serves as a small buff for a couple of characters and a rather large nerf for another legend: Wraith.

Reddit user RossBobSquirrel discovered that Wraith’s portal isn’t nearly as permanent as it once was. Playing Revenant with a Wraith on their team, RossBobSquirrel effectively destroyed his Wraith’s portal by placing Revenant’s Death Totem ultimate ability on top of one end of the portal. In practice, they found an actual benefit to doing this in-game since the team used the portal to get back to high ground, escaping an enemy and then placing the Death Totem, destroying the portal and preventing the enemy from using it to chase them.

This isn’t the only interaction that’s been discovered that removes Wraith’s portal, however. Players have also discovered this same interaction happens when Loba throws down her Black Market Boutique on top of Wraith’s portal.

As YouTuber 1800-Prez points out, Loba’s ultimate can do the same thing to Ash’s portals when placed atop them. But this application is slightly less useful considering Ash’s portals are only one-way and last for a significantly shorter duration than Wraith’s.

For the quick-thinking Loba and Revenant mains out there, however, there’s the very real possibility that throwing down an ultimate might separate a Wraith or Ash from the rest of their team. It’s extremely situational, but destroying Ash or Wraith’s portal can absolutely change the shape of a teamfight.

Nothing in the season’s patch notes indicated that the two portal ultimates in the game could now be destroyed, so these interactions are all likely bugs. Since multiple abilities in the game are confirmed to destroy portals such as these, it stands to reason there might even be a few more ultimates or abilities that can close these portals. And you know what that means: This will probably get patched out of the game soon.

For the time being, however, there’s another quirk in the game that can get you a slight upper hand. Try it out for yourself. And if you’re a Wraith or Ash main portaling into an enemy team, it’s probably best to look closely at those character models you’re running toward. They might ruin your day.