World’s most patient Apex player hits a 2-for-1 Kraber headshot

This one will make you wince.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

While the Kraber might have received a nerf in this season of Apex Legends, one player proved it’s still a formidable gun in the right hands.

Reddit user DisgruntledHenchman posted a video of one of their Storm Point pubs matches, which they titled “Calculated.” The clip is only six seconds long, but that’s all the time it takes for DisgruntledHenchman to make their point. In the video, they’re standing ready and waiting on one of Storm Point’s overlooks, taking aim at a squad with a Kraber. A Valkyrie quickly runs across their line of sight and initiates her ultimate. This could have made for an easy shot, but DisgruntledHenchman decides to wait.

A few seconds later, Valkyrie’s teammate runs up and joins her for a skydive. Because of the way Valkyrie is facing, her teammate is directly behind her, putting both of them in line. It’s here that DisgruntledHenchman decides to pull the trigger, instantly knocking them both down. The phenomenal shot was the result of plenty of patience and restraint on DisgruntledHenchman’s part, which clearly paid off.

As of season 13, the Kraber is no longer the guaranteed instant down machine that it used to be. Its headshot multiplier was reduced from 3.0 to 2.0 and its damage was reduced from 145 to 140. In addition to these decreases, helmets were buffed across the board. Blue helmet headshot damage reduction was increased from 40 percent to 50 percent, while purple helmet headshot reduction was increased from 50 percent to 65 percent. These changes mean that the Kraber no longer instantly downs players who are wearing either a red shield and a blue helmet (or better) or a purple shield and a purple helmet.

Despite these adjustments, DisgruntledHenchman made it clear that the Kraber is still a force to be reckoned with, especially on the open plains and clear sightlines of Storm Point. You might want to keep your head down the next time you race through the island’s sunny blue waters.