Will Rhapsody be mobile-exclusive in Apex Legends Mobile?

Will console and PC players ever be able to use this legend?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile‘s newest legend, Rhapsody, didn’t come to play. The prominent DJ and stylish fighter is bringing her unique brand of rhythm to the Apex Games when the game’s second season, Distortion, starts on July 12. The Distortion launch trailer shows her braving the tides of battle, hosting a rousing concert, and taking out enemies. It’s all in a day’s work for the new legend.

Rhapsody was announced specifically for Apex Legends Mobile, leaving some PC and console fans wondering whether they’ll ever get to check her out in the base game. While Respawn didn’t specify whether she’ll ever appear in Apex Legends proper, some of the devs’ past statements about previous mobile-first legend Fade can provide some hints as to Rhapsody’s PC and console fate.

Will Rhapsody come to PC and console?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

At launch, Rhapsody will only be available on Apex Legends Mobile and mobile devices. Like the new mobile map Pythas Block 0, Rhapsody was designed for mobile from the ground up. Like Fade, her abilities and playstyle are specifically designed for mobile and would likely require significant adjustments to make her viable and fair on PC and console.

When Fade launched, fans noticed that the Apex Legends Mobile website called him a “mobile-first legend,” implying that he would be mobile-exclusive for a period of time before potentially coming to console and PC later on. Fade has not yet launched in Apex Legends proper, and developer Respawn has not made any statements as to whether he will ever join the cast. It’s likely that Rhapsody will work the same way. Apex Legends Mobile is designed to be a fundamentally different game than its PC and console counterparts, and Respawn likely wants to provide some incentive for existing Apex fans to try it out.

While Respawn doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring Rhapsody to console and PC at time of writing, that doesn’t mean that she won’t arrive in Apex Legends at a later date. For now, if you want to check out her abilities and playstyle, you’ll need to jump into Apex Legends Mobile when Distortion begins on July 12.