Who is the most gullible Apex Legends character?

One fan devised a scientific experiment to find the answer.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since the launch of Apex Legends, fans have created countless videos that use items to bait unsuspecting victims into their trap. One fan, along with Doctor Caustic, went on a mission to see which five legends were most likely to fall for the gaseous ambush.

In the unlikeliest of experiments, an Apex fan used the scientific method to reveal the most gullible character in the battle royale over the course of 100 games.

The Reddit user said that the release of Solos mode was conducive to the experiment, giving them the opportunity to camp in Bunker using Caustic, the Toxic Trapper. The player laid items in one of Bunker’s rooms while hiding on top of the door. When greedy players were lured by the loot, the Reddit user would trap them in the room with gas barrels, watching their slow demise.

Here are the results from the experiment, showcasing the five most-gullible Apex characters.

  1. Bloodhound, with a trap rate of 19 out of 100 games, is the most gullible character in Apex. “The absolute irony of this revelation left me dumbfounded,” the player said. “The only Recon class character in the game ends up being the most gullible.”
  2. Pathfinder came in a close second, being baited 16 out of 100 games. “Respiratory system or not, there is no happy ending to this story friend,” the player said.
  3. Octane was lured to an unsuspecting death in 15 games.
  4. Mirage was bamboozled in 12 games.
  5. Caustic, despite being immune to the gas trap, was baited in 10 games.

So the next time you see a Bloodhound wandering Bunker, be sure to leave a gaseous surprise for them.