Who is Mad Maggie’s voice actor in Apex Legends?

New Zealand's own.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie will soon fully arrive in Apex Legends.

Season 12’s new legend is a Salvonian fighter who attacked Kings Canyon back in season eight, drastically changing the map. She has a long and complicated history with Fuse and she’s now been sentenced to death in the Apex Games. You can read all about Mad Maggie’s backstory here.

With each new legend added to the game, a new actor behind the character joins the Apex family and its ever-expanding cast of talented voice actors. Mad Maggie is no different and her unique Kiwi accent brings a special flare to the character like no other.

Here’s who’s behind the microphone for Mad Maggie’s dialogue.

Who is Mad Maggie’s voice actor in Apex?

In Apex, Mad Maggie is voiced by an actress from New Zealand named Nicola Kawana, Respawn revealed on Jan. 24, 2022.

She’s a lesser-known Kiwi actress whose most prominent roles include small parts in a TV series called Find Me a Maori Bride, a TV movie named The Man Who Lost His Head, and the Legend of the Seeker TV series.

Her voice will immediately be familiar to Apex players who took part in the Ring Fury limited-time mode during season eight, the season in which Mad Maggie’s compadre Fuse was introduced to the game.

Welcome to the Apex family, Nicola.