When does Apex Legends’ Warriors event begin?

We're also dying to hop back in to Control.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is hosting its midseason event for season 12, bringing the return of Control, a series of new cosmetics, new maps for Control and Arenas, and Crypto’s heirloom.

The festivities will last for two weeks and players can unlock rewards just by playing. The event kicks off on March 29 and will run until April 12, giving fans some time to enjoy Control and unlock free rewards throughout the event.

After a three-week stint in the mode rotation early in the season, Control returns with the Warriors event. The mode launched alongside season 12 but left the game after a brief rotation. Players can now try it again or get acquainted with it if they missed it the first time around. A new addition to Control is Caustic Treatment, joining both Barometer and Hammond Labs in the mode’s map rotation.

In addition to Control, players can find a new 24-item collection bringing a more gladiatorial influence to the (futuristically gladiatorial) Apex Games. They will be available through direct purchase both for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, meaning players can snag a few of their favorite cosmetics without the need to shell out for them.

Players who complete the collection, however, will get a bonus. Acquiring all 24 items in the Warriors collection will reward players with Crypto’s new heirloom, the Biwon Blade. After the event ends, players can still purchase the item through the dedicated shop.

Control isn’t the only mode getting a new map, however. The Warriors event brings the new Drop-Off Arenas map, a manufacturing plant that floats over Malta.