When does Apex Legends’ season 9, Legacy, end?

You have a couple of weeks.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The latest season of Apex Legends, Emergence, is set to begin at the start of next month. And with that, season nine, Legacy, will come to an end.

The official Apex Twitter account posted a teaser today for the season’s new character, Seer, and the season’s official webpage on EA.com shows that season 10 will start on Aug. 3.

This means that in just two weeks, we can kiss the current season goodbye. 

Apex season nine will end on Aug. 3 when the next season begins.

Legacy started on May 4 and it was the season that introduced players to the new character Valkyrie and a new weapon, the Bocek Compound Bow. It also brought in the new Arenas mode.

There hasn’t been any indication of what loot might be vaulted after this season, but Legacy brought us arrows, shatter caps, and Deadeye’s Tempo. At the same time, it vaulted Hammperpoint Rounds and Skullpiercer Rifling.

Season nine was the host to three events and the ALGS Championship Sale. Along with the Arenas Flash Event, this season went on during the Genesis collection event and Thrillseekers event.

While we know when season 10 will start now, there’s no indication on how long it might last or when it will end. But last year, season six, which started in the middle of August, ended at the beginning of November.

If Respawn keeps its seasons around the same length this year, you could expect to see another new season around the end of October, give or take a few weeks.