When does Apex Legends season 6 end?

Don't cry, smile because season six happened.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The sixth season of Apex Legends kicked off on Aug. 18 with Rampant, a new legend, joining the fray.

Each season brings a lot more than a new legend, however. Numerous gameplay changes, a new SMG weapon, map implementations to World’s end, and adjustments to the crafting system were introduced with season six. The Aftermarket was also one of the highlights of the season since it introduced many quality skins and a limited-time game mode called Flashpoint.

Flashpoint has been a great way to spice up the gameplay by forcing players to capture objectives to heal themselves. The lack of healing items as loot pushed players to think more about every move they make by also boosting the strategic side of the game. Though Flashpoint was an event map and wasn’t an official part of the season, it was still one of the better parts of it.

The Aftermarket event and the game mode will be available until Oct. 20 while the sixth season of Apex still has some time left.

Each new season also comes pre-packed with a battle pass, another center of attention for players who enjoy collecting limited-time cosmetics. Each skin obtained through the battle pass may look quite common during the season, but they’re destined to become rarer over time due to the influx of new players and the fact that they almost never are up for sale again through the in-game store.

When does Apex Legends’ sixth season, Boosted, end?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Although Respawn has not yet officially confirmed an end date for Boosted, the sixth season of Apex, it’s scheduled to wrap up on Nov. 10 based on the duration of the season’s battle pass. The end of a season means the start of a new one, and season seven should kick off right after players bid farewell to the sixth season.

While Nov. 10 looks to be the final date of the season and fits the developer’s time frame, it’s common for Respawn to push back the end date of seasons if there’s more work to be done on the new one.

Keep an eye on Apex’Twitter account for the most recent details regarding the new season and the state of the game.

This article will be updated with any developments regarding the end date of season six.