When does Apex Legends’ Gaiden event begin?


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is getting a dose of anime with the Gaiden event. The festivities will bring 40 anime-themed skins and cosmetics, as well as Bangalore’s Prestige skin and the return of Armed and Dangerous.

The Gaiden collection boasts skins inspired by anime characters to the Apex Games, for instance, with Octane representing Luffy from One Piece and Revenant styled after Neon Genesis Evangelion. These items will be available after the event ends as well, but there’s plenty of the Gaiden event that will disappear when it ends in August.

Here’s what you need to know about the event.

When does Apex‘s Gaiden event begin?

The Gaiden event starts on July 19 and runs until Aug. 2, giving players two weeks to take in the event. For that time, players can dive into the shotguns-and-snipers-only Armed and Dangerous mode and purchase the full collection to earn Bangalore’s Prestige skin. Gaiden will also bring two weekly prize tracks filled with goodies and a series of store rotations featuring new and old cosmetics.

The Gaiden event will bring back the classic Armed and Dangerous game mode, which only spawns shotguns and snipers and makes combat mostly either from long range or up close and personal. World’s Edge, Storm Point, and Olympus will be in rotation during the mode, so players can expect a hard fight in those arenas.

Those who complete the Gaiden collection will also unlock Bangalore’s new Prestige skin, Apex Commander. Like Bloodhound’s Prestige skin, it has three tiers that change the cosmetic’s appearance, and players must unlock them by completing challenges in the game. Players can fulfill these objectives even after the event ends.

Players who miss the party while it lasts will still find some elements of the Gaiden event available past its end date. The 40 new cosmetics will be available as rewards from regular Apex Packs after the event ends and can be crafted. Their crafting cost may decrease after two seasons, according to the official blog post.