When does Apex Legends’ Chaos Theory Collection Event start?

There are 24 items to collect.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

EA unveiled today the next big event for Apex Legends that includes legendary skins for the Kraber and EVA-8. 

The Chaos Theory Collection Event has a slew of new cosmetics for players that can be collected through earning points every day. There will also be 24 items that can be purchased directly with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals.

The event will begin this Tuesday, March 9. Players will have two weeks to earn as many of the event cosmetics as possible before it ends on March 23.

You’ll be able to earn 1,000 points every day to climb the collection event ladder and unlock new items. If you collect all 24 items, you will also unlock a Banglore Heirloom set. 

Meanwhile, players can purchase event packs that are guaranteed to come with one epic or legendary Chaos Theory event item, along with two other non-event items. 

This is the third collection event in Apex Legends so far this year. The first was Fight Night in January, and the second was an Anniversary event that ran from Feb. 9 to March 2. 

Apex had just four collection events across the entirety of last year.