What is the current Apex Legends map rotation for season 18?

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While Apex Legends only has five battle royale maps, they’re big enough to keep you occupied for tens or hundreds of matches, and there’s always a map rotation to keep track of.

Developer Respawn Entertainment keeps things interesting by continually adding to, adjusting, and tweaking maps, ensuring that although players will find themselves playing the same maps over and over, they always feel new and different.

One method of making sure each map feels fresh is by using a rotation system. Players can’t choose which map they want to play at any given time. Instead, they have to go by a rotation, which is usually changed on a seasonal basis. Rather than making all five maps available at any one time, the dev team picks a handful to include in the rotation. The featured maps are usually ones that are newer or have received recent updates.

Here is the current map rotation in Apex.

Current Apex map rotation for pubs and ranked

The map rotation at the moment in casual and ranked battle royale modes features three of the oldest and most iconic maps:

  • World’s Edge
  • King’s Canyon
  • Olympus

World’s Edge returns to the map rotation for both playlists, with pubs featuring World’s Edge After Dark as part of the Living Shell LTM in the Harbingers Collection Event. King’s Canyon is still in the map rotation without any major changes, while Olympus is also still around.

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Notably, despite lots of promotional teasers and in-game content featuring the map, Storm Point is still missing from the season 18 release map rotation. Prior to season 18’s release, players could find multiple weather warning notices scattered around the map, alongside the addition of dark storm clouds at the edge POIs like Fish Farms, signaling a major overhaul to the map’s landscape. Storm Point will most likely return to Apex during an upcoming mid-season or collection event.

Current Apex map in rotation for Mixtape

For those who prefer the Mixtape playlist, the map rotations for Control and Team Deathmatch are as follows:


  • Olympus: Hammond Labs
  • King’s Canyon: Caustic Treatment
  • World’s Edge: Lava Siphon

Team Deathmatch

  • King’s Canyon: Skull Town
  • World’s Edge: Fragment East
  • Habitat 4

Current Apex maps in rotation for Gun Run

The rotation for Gun Run in season 18 now includes Broken Moon as one of the three playable maps.

  • King’s Canyon: Skull Town
  • Olympus: Estates
  • World’s Edge: Fragment East
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