What is Gun Run in Apex Legends?

Are you ready to run and gun?

Lifeline commands the field in Gun Run.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ new event Beast of Prey is bringing plenty of mischief and mayhem to the battle royale. As the first event of season 14, Beast of Prey marks the first time this season that players will have an opportunity to play a limited-time mode. The event’s new Gun Run LTM is packed full of high-octane action—even if you aren’t playing Octane.

In the tradition of other first-person shooters, Gun Run is Apex‘s team-based take on Gun Game. Gun Game generally sees players facing off against each other with every single one of a game’s weapons in sequence. The first player to kill someone with every weapon and finish with a special attack, usually a melee attack of some kind, wins. In Beast of Prey, Apex is putting a spin on this formula with some new mechanics and rules, so even those familiar with Gun Game are in for a treat.

Here’s everything you need to know about Gun Run in Apex.

How does Gun Run work?

Gun Run pits four teams of three legends against each other in a frantic battle for the top. Like Control, matches don’t take place over the entirety of a battle royale map. Instead, there will be two featured POIs for Gun Run: the original Skull Town from Kings Canyon and Fragment East from World’s Edge.

On these two maps, players work their way through a list of Apex‘s weapons. Instead of a free-for-all, like other kinds of Gun Game modes, Gun Run is a team-based effort. Each time a player gets a kill, they’ll jump over their teammates and receive the next gun on the list.

For example, let’s say part of the list has the R-301 at level four, the Spitfire at level five, the Rampage at level six, and the R-99 at level seven. You’re currently at level four wielding the R-301, while one of your teammates is at level six with a Rampage. If you get a kill with the R-301, you’ll jump all the way to level seven and receive the R-99 next. If your Rampage-wielding teammate got a kill, they would simply move up to level seven and get the R-99, since they’re currently in the lead on your team.

Gun Run is all about proficiency with weapons, so players won’t need to worry about looting ammo or other items: all players have unlimited ammo for their equipped weapon, access to health items, and automatic respawns. The mode also includes a “boost” tracker at the bottom of the screen that shows how many weapons you’ll jump over if you get a kill with the weapon you’re currently wielding.

To use the example above again, if you were holding the R-301 and your teammate was holding the Rampage, your boost tracker would show “Boost +3” to show that you’ll skip ahead three levels when you get your next kill.

When you get to level 25, which is the final level, you’ll be given only a throwing knife. To win, someone on your team must make a kill with the throwing knife. Don’t worry if you’re not used to items like this: the throwing knife will be available in the firing range during Gun Run’s availability, so you’ll be able to get some practice in before you jump into a match.

Gun Run will be available from Sept. 20 to Oct. 4 as part of the Beast of Prey event, so you have two weeks to give it a try and battle for gun game supremacy for your squad. If the mode proves popular, Respawn may bring it back in the future, as it did with Control and Armed and Dangerous. But there’s no guarantee if or when it will return.