What is Apex Legends’ rank distribution?

Inflation is a real thing.

Apex Legends screenshot of Revenant Reborn with a scythe
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Apex Legends’ ranked system and its changes as each season has started and ended have led to big swings in the game’s ranked distribution.

In order, the ranks in Apex Legends are Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator.

Ideally, the distribution of those ranks forms a bell curve, as it does in most ranked systems. After all, it wouldn’t make sense for the vast majority of players to be ranked particularly high or low in a ranked system. Those in Platinum, Diamond, and higher are supposed to represent the upper echelon of players on the ladder.

Apex Legends ranked distribution in season 18 (Sep. 2023)

One way that players can get an idea of the ranked distribution at any given moment is with Apex Legends Status.

Currently, Apex Legends Status has a ranked distribution as pictured below:

The apex rank distribution for Apex Legends season 18.
The current ranked distribution, as far as we can tell. Screenshot via Apex Legends Status
Rookie IV10.58 %Silver IV5.56 %Platinum IV0.63 %
Rookie III10.63 %Silver III5.6 %Platinum III0.51 %
Rookie II9.49 %Silver II4.29 %Platinum II0.36 %
Rookie I8.59 %Silver I2.88 %Platinum I0.26 %
Bronze IV7.87 %Gold IV1.97 %Diamond IV0.23 %
Bronze III9.67 %Gold III1.79 %Diamond III0.14 %
Bronze II9.12 %Gold II1.3 %Diamond II0.09 %
Bronze I7. 32 %Gold I0.86 %Diamond I0.05 %
Master0.13 %
Apex Predator0.08 %
While the Master rank is no longer overpopulated, this is far from an ideal bell curve.

The data from Apex Legends Status will always look different from the numbers that Respawn shows because the website can’t filter out players who have played less than 10 hours of ranked, and they can’t track every player in the game like the developers can.

Respawn doesn’t post their ranked distribution updates until the end of a season, and even then they don’t include exact numbers on what percentage of players populate each rank. So, as of right now, the information that we have from Apex Legends is the best we can do.

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What’s a good rank in Apex Legends?

Climbing through the ranks in Apex Legends can be challening, but if you make it into any of the Silver ranks, you’re already ranked higher than roughly 75% of players.

As the Apex Legends Status shows, most players are having a hard time making it into the upper realms of Silver and just breaking into Gold.

While getting into Silver is mighty fine, there are still five different categories ranked higher than Silver. Of course, those are ranks that will be filled by the most skilled players, but you shouldn’t feel too down if Silver is the highest you get.

This wasn’t the case in season 17, however, as there was a record number of Master players which has gone down significantly. The data we have for season 18 so far seems to suggest that the changes Respawn has made to ranked will amend some of the Master rank inflation. That’s the hope, at least, since that inflation had the game’s best players saying the ranked system was killing off both the player base and their own viewership.

Generally speaking, higher ranks in a ranked system should be harder to achieve. While whatever it is Respawn did to ammend the overpopulated Master rank seems to have worked, this season is still struggling to hit that ideal bell curve with most of its player population being well below any of the Gold ranks.

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